Shiki – Thru 9

So just about all the cats are out of the bag: this village has a nest of vampires, and they’re sucking everyone dry. We feel even worse for the poor tortured doc after his piece-of-work wife and battleaxe mother stop by and tell him to wuss out and let someone else handle the ‘epidemic’. Great advice, gals.

We also feel pretty bad after he does everything he possibly can to keep a bite victim alive (and actually succeeds for a time) but it’s for naught, as the blue-haired daywalker intervenes; the first time the doctor has had direct contact with his pointy-toothed nemeses.

After watching so much true blood, the solution to the village’s problem is fairly simple: stake the daywalker(s) and burn down the nest in the daytime. Solved. Of course, there’s thirteen episodes left, so it isn’t going to be that simple. Still, now that things are moving and all the important people know the score, I’m enjoying this dark series, goofy hairstyles aside.

The music during the opening credits has also grown on me; an angsty, twisted J-rock ballad filled with despair, which fits the series perfectly. Rating: 3