Senkou no Night Raid – Thru 10

Senkou no Night Raid is long gone from the airwaves, but I haven’t quite finished it. One episode even aired online, since it’s historical content, an alternate version of the Mukden Incident (specifically the bombing of the Manchurian railway, used to justify Japanese invasion) was deemed to controversial for television. Controversy aside, Night Raid has a stirring story of pre-WWII espionage to tell, and its three core characters – who possess telepathy, teleportation, and telekinesis, are richly rendered and fun to watch.

As the series has progressed and the prospect of full-scale war starts to become something more inevitable, the three spies must wrestle with inner conflicts, as the main antagonist is the telepathic girl’s big brother, the baddies’ theory about war came from a mentor of the teleporter, and the telekinetic guy still holds a candle for his believed-dead wife. All three will not and cannot fully trust their superiors, either.

Looming over everyone is something hardly any anime ever references directly – the atomic bomb. They don’t call it that in Night Raid either, but in this universe, it’s there, and it’s the Japanese who have made progress developing it, thanks to the efforts of a brilliant Japanese physicist given considerable resources. So far, it’s been an entertaining and well-made anime. It doesn’t hurt that telepathic girl’s voice and character design are adorable. I have three episodes left to watch and am looking forward to how things play out. Rating: 3.5