Black★Rock Shooter OVA

Black★Rock Shooter
is a 50-minute OVA produced by Ordet, a four year-old studio founded by a former director with Kyoto Animation (Haruhi Suzumiya, Clannad, Air, K-on, etc.).  It is an orderly and uncomplicated tale splicing scenes of two new junior high students (Mato and Yomi) becoming fast friends with scenes of badass versions of themselves dueling each other with huge complicated weapons in a stark, stylish, surrealistic otherworld.

It quickly becomes apparent that the evil Yomi of the otherworld absorbs regular Yomi, who goes missing in the real world after drifting apart from Mato due to ending up in different classes and different clubs in the second year. The moral seems to be: keep your friends close or they could become your enemies.

Straightforward story aside, Black★Rock Shooter looks and sounds great. The real world is rendered in gorgeous detail and lush color, contrasting sharply with the Soul Eater-like atmosphere of the otherworld. The battle itself is also very well animated for the most part, though a bit jerky at times. Mato and Yomi are also voiced by two of my favorite seiyus; Kana Hanazawa and Miyuki Sawashiro, respectively. In all, this was a good watch; a competent Animation by a relatively new studio, and an entertaining 50 minutes. Rating: 3