Occult Academy – First Impressions

This is only the fifteen millionth another show about a magic school, but it’s beautifully made and has a really nice, formal/elegant style to its setting. (It’s also the third in the anime-only “Anime no Chikara” series on TV Tokyo, preceded by Sora no Oto and Senko no Night Raid.) I was worried the heroine was going to be some stern tight-dressed stick-in-the-mud, but as the episode progressed she came off as very dynamic and likable. She also had to decapitate a baddie resembling her late father, the school’s founder, with an ax.

She also had to deal with some random naked dude coming out of the sky, almost Terminator-like. This was a robust first episode, and presented a lot of mysteries and situations I hope it will resolve in the following twelve episodes. Thus far it has definitely earned the right to be watched by me. Rating: 3