Fairy Tail – (Belated) First Impressions

Rundown: The series follows the adventures of celestial wizard Lucy Heartfilia after she joins the Fairy Tail magical guild and teams up with three other accomplished wizards to complete contracts and embark on quests.

Of all the shows I’ve been watching this summer, none could fall neatly into the adventure/fantasy realm. That changed when I caught my first glimpse of Fairy Tail on TV Tokyo (albeit without subs.) While there’s nothing that original here, I’ve found the first handful of episodes to be entertaining enough. It can’t hurt that Hirano Aya voices Lucy, part of a colorful core cast. It’s also long; having first aired last October, it’s still going on currently. That could mean it has the time to really flesh out its characters and build an interesting story that fully utilizes them. Whether it actually does that or not remains to be seen. Rating: 3